From The Prow Of Myth

VINDOS PRESS is excited to announce the publication of FROM THE PROW OF MYTH by Michael Routery.


In this poetry collection you will find a range of poems dedicated to goddesses and gods, heroes, genius loci and beguiling figures of myth (and history) from Brigid to Orpheus, from Antinous to Zeus, from Eros to the Morrigan. The poems break from the prow of myth, largely of Celtic and Hellenic heritages, but also, of course, from the flesh of the world. The geography is one of openings: Ireland’s strand, the waters of an Egyptian oasis, the cliffs of Hawaii, the mountains of California, Diana’s woods, Sweeney’s tree, the trackless sea, the underworld’s gates, the pool at the center of the world…

What people are saying about the book:

“From the Prow of Myth boldly follows the strong and silvery bardic thread of myth that lives both in history and in the living earth – sea and desert, fire and water, flower and star.  Those looking for fresh hymns for a wonderful variety of figures in Celtic and Hellenic mythology will find a stirring and abundant wealth in these pages, as will those seeking the wonder of story and the dance of ancient themes in direct, visceral experience.” –Ruby Sara, Editor of Datura and Mandragora (Scarlet Imprint, 2010 & 2012)


“The visceral and visual poetry of Michael Routery challenges mind and imagination. From Mount Olympus to the Hawaiian lava beds we are treated to splendid encounters with the natural world.  The poems are lyrical gems, hovering over the surface of our language.”  –Neeli Cherkovski, author of Whitman’s Wild Children, Animal, From the Canyon Outward

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